Welcome to Cat & Magpie, a place full of all things mysterious and witchy!

My name is Laura Claire; I'm a Cardiff based artist/maker, with a love for cats, spooky films, black metal, and sewing. 
You will often find me hidden away with a cup of tea and my cat Salem, or haunting a dusty antique shop, searching for forgotten treasures.

I create unique pieces of jewellery & embroidered/textile artworks using a variety of different techniques and materials. I love to show my personality and interests through my work; I'm a huge lover of Halloween and everything spooky (all year round!) and my work is particularly influenced by this.

My inspiration often comes from the origins of fairy tales, superstitions & folklore, the uncanny, memory, the occult, divination & fortune telling, Victorian mourning symbolism & aesthetics, and the Death Positive movement.

I am always happy to work on commissions too; for any enquiries, please use my contact form.

I hope you enjoy your time here, thank you for your support ^^