Tattoo Token Listing

£10.00 - £50.00

This listing is for those of you who have contacted me about using my embroidery designs as inspiration for tattoos.

I am more than happy to provide permission for you to bring examples of my work to a tattoo artist to inspire a tattoo design, in exchange for a donation of your choosing to support the work I create.

Please be aware that this is a donation listing & you will not receive any physical item. This is also not a listing for a custom tattoo design; I'm not a tattoo artist, and I would always recommend you get your tattoo designed by a professional tattoo artist who knows how to create artwork specifically designed to be placed on the body.

Thank you so much for choosing to support me & my work in this way, I would love to see any finished tattoos too! If you would like to share, please just tag/message me via my Instagram account @cat.and.magpie, or via the contact form on my website.